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State of Prince Edward Island


Prince Edward Island is located in eastern North America, and is situated north of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Famous for its red soils and potatoes, Prince Edward Island is the smallest Province in Canada. First discovered by the French, no attempts to settle the island were made until the 18th century. Like other areas in the region the island was passed from French to British rule a number of times. By 1763 the land became part of the British Empire and Saint John's island (now PEI) was divided up into lots and given to British nobles. Today, the islands economy is increasingly dependent on tourism, which has increased since the completion of the 8-mile Confederation bridge completed in 1997.

Population & Geography

    Total Area: 5,660 sq km / 2,180 sq mi1

    Population: 142,300 (2010)1

    Capital City: Charlottetown

    Largest Metro Areas: N/A1


    GDP: $4.750 billion CAD (2009)1

    GDP per capita: $33,380 CAD (2009)1

    Unemployment Rate: 11.2% (2010)1


    Premier: Robert Ghiz (Lib) (2011)2

    Legislative Assembly: 24 Liberals (including Premier), 2 Progressive Conservatives (2011)2

Other Information

    Federal Representation: 3 Liberals, 1 Conservative (2011)3

    Origin of Name: Named after Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathern, the father of Queen Victoria.4

If Prince Edward Island were admitted into the Union today..

    Area Rank: 50th biggest State (bigger than Rhode Island, smaller than Delaware).5

    Population Rank: 51st most populous State (smaller than Wyoming, smallest in the Union).5

    GDP Rank: 51st biggest economy in US (smaller than Vermont, smallest in the Union).6

    Congressmen: 1 House Representative and 2 Senators.

    Electoral Votes: 3


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