United North America - Helping Canada's Provinces Join The USA


United North America is a non-profit organization dedicated to the democratic unification of Canada and the United States of America into one nation, under the protections, freedoms and privileges of the United States Constitution.

For over two hundred years, an arbitrary border has needlessly divided North America; the most famous stretch known simply by a random line on the globe, the 49th parallel.

Is this demarcation, literally drawn on a map, an unalterable borderline destined for perpetuity to be the divider between our common people? Just why do the United States stop at an arbitrary line? Is what differentiates our two countries greater than what we share in common? As the babels of Europe unite, will North America stagnate and fall behind, squabbling over trivial differences? Are Canadians and USAmericans really so different? If English Canada and Quebec can successfully and peacefully share one country, then cannot Canada and the United States do the same? Would Canada stand to gain or lose in being part of a larger group of united States? Would the United States gain or lose from a United North America without borders?

Here at United North America, we attempt to answer such questions, work to further stronger integration between the United States and Canada, and promote the democratic and peaceful accession to statehood of all of Canada's provinces. On the following pages, you will see facts, ideas and commentaries on what such a peaceful Union would bring about.


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